Saturday, November 1, 2008

World's fattest man Manuel Uribe weds girlfriend

It was a Big Fat Mexican Wedding with a low-calorie reception when the world’s fattest man married his long-term girlfriend in Mexico on Sunday.

Manuel Uribe, 43, wed hairdresser Claudia Solis, fulfilling a birthday wish for the Mexican man who has shed an enormous 570 pounds (230 kg) from his former weight of 94 stone (590kg) over the past 12 months.

Despite his impressive weight loss, Mr Uribe, named the 'World’s Fattest Man' by the Guinness Book of Records in 2007, remains confined to his bed which he has not been able to leave in the past four years.

But that didn’t stop him making the 30-minute trip to the civil ceremony at a makeshift altar in a local town hall in his home town of Monterrey.

The former car parts dealer was transported to the wedding on his specially-reinforced four-poster bed, draped with cream and gold and adorned in bright sunflowers, on the back of a truck.

Dressed in a white satin shirt and with a sheet covering his legs, Mr Uribe smiled broadly, gave the thumbs up and waved to passers-by as the truck headed towards the wedding.

His bride, wearing in a strapless ivory satin dress, a tiara and holding a bouquet of fresh lilies, looked equally as excited, smiling for the swarm of international photographers.

As the couple was declared husband and wife, Mr Ubide broke into tears.

Mr Uribe said later: "I have a wife and will form a new family and live a happy life."

For the traditional first dance as newlyweds, the newlyweds held hands and swayed to a romantic ballad.

Mr Uribe's doctors were among the 400 guests at the wedding reception which had a "low-calorie banquet" with meat, creamed mushrooms and buttered vegetables.

Mr Uribe, whose goal weight is 120kg (18st), said previously he might have a bite of wedding cake for the cameras, but would not have any more as his strict diet would not allow it. Read more...