Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doctors baffled by Indian village of 200 sets of twins

  • Kodinji village, in Malappuram district of Kerala, has an unusually high number of twins-at least 220 pairs in a population of 14,600
  • The national average is 8.1 twins per 1,000 live births. Kodinji's rate is five times that-45 per 1,000 births
  • The number of twins born here each year is increasing-there are only nine pairs of twins aged 41-60 years, against 81 pairs aged 5-15 years
  • The cause is perhaps not genetic, as the high rate of twins is found among Kodinji's Hindus, Muslims, as well as among outsiders who have settled here. Perhaps the cause is an environmental factor, but this is yet to be investigated.
  • The phenomenon continues to pose a mystery to geneticists, doctors, other experts

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